About Us

The Company

Mondogoal is the best place to play daily fantasy football online. Challenge your friends or play against fellow fans from around the world, either head-to-head, in leagues, or in tournaments. Play for free or for real cash. The possibilities we provide for the football fan are endless. You can play a game with just English, Spanish, Italian, German, USA, French, or tournament players or play across leagues in a fun “multi-league” format. We use Opta, the best stats service in the football business and have a compelling and unique scoring system to enable your players to earn points in a variety of ways. Even a 0-0 match can now be a blast to watch, as fans start to follow shots on goal, tackles, and passes completed. Stats for players are updated live, so fans can enjoy a true second screen experience as they watch their favorite footy matches on TV or at the stadium.

Mondogoal is an Isle of Man company, and is licensed for e-gaming in the UK and other markets. In the United States, Mondogoal is a “Game of Skill” and no license is required at this time, but we think that being a licensed and regulated provider demonstrates our commitment to delivering a fair experience for our users.

While many sites can offer fantasy sports or even fantasy football, no one brings the excitement of real-time scoring, multi-league competition and large cash competitions to football the way we do. We have management team experience in football like few other businesses in the world. Our founder and CEO was the Head of Digital at AS Roma, and has assembled a team with deep technical expertise and a strong legal/finance background.

The management team has ownership experience with Italian Football teams, and have attended six world cups, multiple Champions League Finals and thousands of matches around the world.
Mondogoal has an impressive roster of investors with backgrounds at Google, eBay, Morgan Stanley, Bingham Dana & Gould, British Airways, Tiger Legatus, Sports Investment Partners, Julius Baer and JBoss. Mondogoal has equity advisors who were in the eGaming space and the former Head of Digital for Manchester City. We are working cooperatively with football teams and leagues around the world to bring fans the very best in daily fantasy sports.

The Team

Shergul Arshad – Founder & CEO

Shergul Arshad is a verified football nut, the former Head of Digital of AS Roma, with rich experiences in the world of consumer internet businesses.  Born in Florence, Italy, he was raised a Fiorentina fan, with season tickets to see Antognoni and then Roberto Baggio. Shergul was the Italian team translator for Baggio and friends at the 1994 World Cup. He has attended six World Cups and innumerable league and championship matches around the world. He watches as much football as he can when he is not coaching his sons’ football teams

Shergul has a mix of large and small tech companies on his resume, including eBay, Amazon and StyleFeeder, which he sold to Time Warner in 2010. Shergul was an early pioneer in fantasy sports, running fantasy football and football leagues off newspaper stats and excel sheets from 1993, until Al Gore saved him by inventing the internet. At Roma, Shergul launched Roma’s new website, eCommerce, and all of their Social Media He also spoke at SoccerEx
and Sportel on “monetizing social media.”

Shergul resides in Boston and obtained a B.A. from Harvard University in 1992 and an M.B.A from the University of Michigan in 2001.

Eric Savage – Co-Founder & CTO

Eric Savage may never have kicked a football goal in his life, but then again, Leo Messi has never written code, and Wayne Rooney has never been a CTO. Suffice it to say, Eric is the “Francesco Totti” of engineering for Mondogoal. Eric first learned databases by entering the stats that USA Today printed every Tuesday into Microsoft Works on his Macintosh SE to run his fantasy baseball. Since then he’s put together over 20 professional seasons as a developer, writing everything from C to MUMPS, to Perl to Java and a few other languages he won’t admit to. He specializes in end-to-end design of data-driven, user focused software. Eric has built sites and apps for many companies over the years, including AT&T, eBay, and the NBA.

In 2010 Eric joined Stylefeeder where he worked closely with Shergul Arshad to grow the eCommerce site from a near zero rate of traffic to over 1 million registered users, 2 million monthly visitors and 15 million product listings. Shergul Arshad realized the importance of a solid technology base for Mondogoal and recruited Eric to the team.

Daniel Feldman – Co-Founder & COO/CFO

Daniel is experienced in the international law scene, having worked in multiple countries and for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Daniel coached the Soviet National Baseball team in the early 1990s and later played professional baseball for a team in Moscow sponsored by an automobile factory. Despite living in Torino for a year as a child, he is a proud AS Roma fan.

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Daniel worked for ten years as a vendor for Harry M. Stevens, selling hot dogs at Fenway Park. He is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Daniel also attended Boston University School of Law, receiving a J.D. in 1995 and Georgetown University Law School receiving a LLM in Securities and Financial Regulation, in 1997. After three years as an attorney in the enforcement division of the SEC, Daniel went into private practice joining the New York office of the firm Goodwin Procter & Hoar. After his US experience, Daniel worked in Russia and has served on Company Boards in Cyprus, Luxembourg, BVI, Holland, Lithuania and the UK. Daniel has also overseen numerous litigations focused on asset recovery around the world, including in Holland, Austria, France, Ireland, England, Singapore, Luxembourg, Cyprus, BVI, Antingua and the United States.

With a background like that, Dan was the obvious choice to get Mondogoal started on the right foot and instill the integrity our users expect. Daniel is also a veteran of many fantasy sports leagues and once was on the verge of starting a fantasy sports television series.

Ryan Jones – VP of Technology

Ryan Jones has been playing computers almost as long as he has been playing football, but he can kick both equally hard. Fortunately for the Hamilton College (Clinton, New York) football team, he spent most of his time honing his computer skills, scoring a Computer Science degree and even added a minor in English Literature. There Ryan received the Rusty Smith Memorial Teaching Prize in Computer Science, for his commitment to helping his fellow students.

After college, Ryan moved directly to Boston, where he still lives, working as a consultant at Razorfish, doing large-scale implementation projects for clients such as State Street Global Advisors and Gartner Group. Ryan later became Technical Architect at MIT where he worked to re-architect all of the student systems and undergraduate admissions, replacing large legacy systems with modern technologies. Ryan then went to work for Time Magazine where he met both Eric and Shergul. When Mondogoal got started, they knew that getting him on board would be their first great decision.

Chris Mazzone – VP of Marketing

Chris Mazzone’s passion for football started early as he followed in his two older brother’s footsteps, playing his first competitive football game at the age of 4.  Roughly 30 years later and football remains an important part of his life.  He met his wife on the pitch in the co-ed leagues of San Diego, California, and now back on the East Coast of the United States he’s still playing while heading up marketing for Mondogoal.

Chris was an early adopter of daily fantasy sports in the United States, playing on many sites before becoming a successful affiliate for DraftStreet.  After recruiting over 6000 users to DraftStreet, and sending relentless and lengthy product and marketing feedback emails to the founders, they finally gave in and brought him on board full time.  His long history in marketing, research, and experience playing daily fantasy, as well as helping to lead the user acquisition efforts of DraftStreet and DraftKings, prepared him for the perfect role at Mondogoal which combines two of his passions in football and fantasy sports.

MVPs (Most Valuable Partners):

Opta Sports

Mondogoal doesn’t believe in finishing in second place, so there was no question who we would get our stats from. Opta is the undisputed leader in the world of football statistics, and we’re very happy to have them supply the data that powers our games.


We’re committed to working with football fans across the globe, so when were deciding where to set up shop, the Isle of Man topped the list. Affinity is an essential part of our operations and offers invaluable services when it comes to e-gaming licensing and compliance. They work hard so the rest of the team can focus on delivering the best experience possible.

Kodis Agency

Before Mondogoal, the fantasy football world was a dreary landscape of gray text boxes and misaligned lists. As a full-service creative agency, Kodis has helped design Mondogoal to be a revolution in helping players be better fantasy managers, while still making it feel like a game rather than a job.