Integrated betting markets & extended engagement with DFS

Off the back of signing partnerships with Lottomatica, SISAL and more recently the Microgame Group in Italy, Arshad discussed the vast potential benefits for bookmakers to include a daily fantasy product.

Mondogoal Secures Another B2B Partner in Italy

DFS operator MondoGoal has agreed a partnership with Italian firm Microgame. In addition to previous partnerships with Intralot, Lottomatica, and Sisal, this further strengthens their stranglehold on the Italian DFS market.

Is it time for bookmakers to embrace fantasy?

Bookmakers are constantly on the lookout for new additions and features to both retain punters and attract new ones. BookmakersTraditionalThis is ever trickier in an increasingly flooded marketplace.

Shergul Arshad – Mondogoal – DFS Destiny

Mondogoal is one of the largest DFS operators in the world and has partnerships with some of the football greatest clubs from Real Madrid, to Barcelona, Chelsea and Roma. It recently established deals with SISAL and Lottomatica in Italy, and so the discussion about how DFS operators and bookmakers can complement rather than challenge one another has come to the fore.


The massive opportunity in Daily Fantasy Soccer with Shergul Arshad of Mondogoal

Mondogoal have recently announced B2B deals with two of the largest Italian gaming companies, Lottomatica and SISAL. Arshad’s plan since launch was to prime his company for partnerships exactly of this nature.


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Sisal, Lottomatica Sign Mondogoal As Daily Fantasy Sports Platform In Italy

The expansion of DFS in Italy, which is one of the largest gambling markets in the world, and where the population is particularly fanatical about soccer, is one of the best pieces of news the industry could receive.


Mondogoal partners with SISAL and Lottomatica

Fantasy sports platform Mondogoal announced today that it has signed an agreement with Italian gaming giants, SISAL Group SpA and Lottomatica Scommesse S.r.l, to create a partnership which’ll mean theirs is the largest DFS network in the country.


Mondogoal adds Aston Villa FC to football partnership portfolio

Mondogoal has continued to expand its roster of football partners, with Aston Villa FC the latest club to partner the daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator.


Mondogoal unveils DFS app and a chance to be in FM 2017

Daily fantasy sports operator Mondogoal has unleashed its app onto the market as it continues to expand the DFS scene in Europe, and to celebrate it’s opened a Summer Showdown competition.


Mondogoal Championship winner nets £15,000 on final EPL weekend

Daily fantasy sports operator Mondogoal ran a major competition to cap off the end of the 2015/16 Premier League season with one player walking away with £15,000 after triumphing in the Mondogoal Championship.

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Daily Fantasy Soccer Site Adds Real Madrid To Attractive List Of Partners

They are rivals on the pitch and they do not share many partners off the pitch, but both Real Madrid C.F. and F.C. Barcelona, along with other top clubs from around the world have now partnered up with daily fantasy soccer platform Mondogoal.

DFS enters new territories with Mondogoal

Daily fantasy sports operator Mondogoal has announced the introduction of three new leagues to its offering in the form of the Chinese Super League, the Russian Premier League and the Turkish Super League.

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Mondogoal and Sports Interactive Announce Daily Fantasy Football Partnership

Fans of Football Manager, the most popular PC Football game of all time, will be introduced to the largest European Daily Fantasy Site and compete for cash prizes in daily and weekly competitions.

Shergul Arshad – Mondogoal – Partnering Up

SBC spoke with CEO Shergul Arshad about the importance of partnerships for growth, and his predictions for the future of DFS in the States. Arshad and the Mondogoal team will be present at ICE Totally Gaming 2016.


Mondogoal debuts cash DFS games in Italy

Daily fantasy sports platform developer Mondogoal has finally made its debut in the Italian market. The Boston-based daily fantasy sports company teamed up with Italian online sports betting platform Intralot to introduce their football games in the European country.


Mondogoal sbarca nel mercato italiano con la collaborazione di INTRALOT Italia

Mondogoal, la prima piattaforma al mondo di Daily Fantasy Soccer for cash, già attiva da circa un anno in UK e USA, sbarca nel mercato italiano grazie alla strategica collaborazione tecnologica con INTRALOT Italia.


Boston’s other fantasy sports company quickly left New York

….Mondogoal has been largely insulated from the industry’s issues in the U.S., mainly because the U.S. isn’t its focus. While its games can be played here, Mondogoal’s ambitions were global when it launched ahead of the 2014 World Cup: The company sought to score big in soccer-frenzied Europe, starting with the United Kingdom.


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Yahoo Adds Daily Fantasy Soccer; Signs Revenue Sharing Deal

The daily fantasy sports industry received a resounding amount of attention when Yahoo launched its own daily fantasy platform in July. Right now, Yahoo offers a daily fantasy baseball competition, but will add American football, basketball and hockey offerings when the major professional sports leagues resume play. However, the most exciting news for Yahoo may have nary a focus on the 50 U.S. states. It comes in the form of a partnership that will allow Yahoo to quickly expand its reach in the world of soccer and get a leg up on competitor DraftKings, which also seems to be positioning itself for expansion abroad.


Yahoo’s Strategic Play Takes A Kick At DraftKings

It is a smart, quick strategic partnership that could score huge traffic for Mondogoal and their existing partnerships with clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea and AS Roma, and it gives Yahoo a much-needed operational partner to operate a game in a sport they don’t have a platform for, while they continue to push the already lucrative NFL and coming NBA market where they already have traction in the States.


Fantasy sports platform, Mondogoal, has added Premier League football side Tottenham Hotspur as its latest team partner, joining a growing list of European clubs as team partners promoting the club-branded fantasy football game.

Female players available for the first time on fantasy football in time for the FIFA Women’s World Cup

Women’s football continues to gain ground off the pitch, as Mondogoal fantasy football platform expands to include female footballers. Meghan D’Amore explores.


Earlier this spring, Mondogoal, the Isle of Man-based fantasy football business, announced that they would be the first to offer pay fantasy games for a women’s sport, offering up a full daily game for the Women’s World Cup (WWC). Now the company expanded the game even further, making it the first co-ed team game, which will let fans combine picks of the WWC with their favourite men’s players from the remaining matches across Europe as well as with MLS.

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Daily Fantasy Sports For Soccer In Europe Could Explode Quickly, And Here’s Why

The CEO of a daily fantasy sports site for soccer recently laid out a pretty good argument on why the vertical could still explode in the coming months and years.

Fantasy sport an increasingly real business success

It’s over 20 years since Fantasy Football League arrived on our television screens. Frank Skinner and David Baddiel on the sofa with Statto (Angus Loughran) hovering at the kitchen counter in a dressing gown. Two decades hence, fantasy sport is big business. But can it conquer Europe?”

The New Yorker - Mondogoal
Dream Teams: Professional sports bets on the changing nature of fandom.

Mondogoal is based on the Isle of Man and has a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. “The argument against us working is that if you go to Old Trafford or Wembley you can order bangers and mash in one window, and then you take one step to the right and you can bet on the game,” Feldman said. “But our counterargument is: It’s a developed betting culture. There’s no stigma attached. It’s social—they bet with friends. A certain portion of money is set aside for gambling, and there’s been no innovation in gambling there in twenty years. A whole new game can come in.”

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Can U.K. Daily Fantasy Sports Experience Rapid Growth Like U.S.?

Sports betting websites in the U.K. have been to slow to incorporate a fantasy component into their interfaces:
Below the bonnet at most, however, is also a patchwork quilt of legacy software that bumps and grinds together, preventing the implementation of any new products, let alone a fantasy one. Even if there was a will, there is little hope of a way as it stands. Yet in the new wave of sportsbooks, many of which come from outside the UK, there is an opportunity for new technology and new thinking to grab the fantasy ball and run with it…

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Daily fantasy game to launch for Women’s World Cup

Now fantasy sports are getting into the Women’s World Cup, too. Mondogoal, a fantasy platform devoted to soccer, says its Women’s World Cup daily game will be the first daily fantasy game involving women’s sports.

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Mondogoal Pushes DFS Boundaries Beyond American Football With Award Nomination

The recognition and early returns for Mondogoal show that the growth of DFS might not be limited to just the U.S. While non-American sports fans might not have the same history and knowledge of fantasy sports as Americans do, the potential for DFS in Europe and beyond is clearly there.

Sport Industry Awards - Mondogoal
BT Sport Industry nominates Mondogoal for Digital Platform of The Year award

Sport Industry Group has unveiled the Official Shortlist for the BT Sport Industry Awards 2015, with the winners to be announced at the annual, star-studded ceremony in London on Thursday 30th April 2015.

Yahoo Finance Mondogoal
Daily Fantasy takes to soccer, the UK, and more

Yes Mondogoal is fast growing, yes it runs daily contests – but the major order-winner over major players like DraftKings and FanDuel is the license to operate globally. This means that Mondogoal is the only daily fantasy sports site available for cash play in multiple major markets around the world.

Business of Soccer - Mondogoal
For Fantasy, Is Soccer The Next Football?

This past week, Chelsea FC became the latest club to announce a pay fantasy platform partnership with Mondogoal, a UK and Boston based company that has now built pay fantasy games for a growing number of elite clubs, ranging from FC Barcelona to AS Roma to Manchester City, all with the hopes that the daily and weekly pay fantasy area will provide a new engagement platform for their millions of supporters

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Chelsea FC To Partner With Mondogoal On Fantasy Sports Platform

A week after agreeing to a partnership with FC Barcelona, Mondogoal announced it has signed Chelsea FC of the English Premier League, further cementing it as the fantasy sports partner of choice among global soccer clubs.

Yahoo Finance Mondogoal
Mondogoal Creates Fantasy Sports Engagement Partnership With Chelsea FC

One of The World’s Elite Sports Brands Launches Pay Fantasy Games With One Of The World’s Fastest-Growing Fantasy Platform Developers

Sports Business Journal - Mondogoal
Soccer specialist Mondogoal targets sport’s fans for daily fantasy

Mondogoal, a daily fantasy sports company whose games are pegged to soccer, has reached a deal that makes Premier League club Chelsea FC a partner, adding to a lineup of clubs that already includes FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC and AS Roma. The deal was expected to be announced this week. …

Forbes - Mondogoal
FC Barcelona Partners With Daily Fantasy Soccer Website

Going forward, FC Barcelona will serve as an official partner of Mondogoal, a daily fantasy soccer website that offers cash and free games to participants.

West Ham United Logo Mondogoal
West Ham United have linked up with Mondogoal, the leader in daily fantasy football

West Ham United are delighted to launch a new partnership with Mondogoal, the leader in daily fantasy football.

Stewart Downing Mondogoal
Yahoo Finance Mondogoal
Mondogoal Adds Fantasy Sports Partnership with FC Barcelona to its Roster

The world’s most digitally advanced elite sports club launches pay fantasy games with one of the world’s fastest-growing fantasy platform developers

Win big with LFC Fantasy League daily

Liverpool FC have the ultimate challenge for you with the world’s first global fantasy sports platform – specifically designed for football – in which you can play and collect your winnings daily.

McAteer Mondogoal
Sport Industry News – Global clubs expand fantasy gaming presence

FC Barcelona, the largest and most engaged club in all of sports in terms of social media followers, is the first La Liga club partner for Mondogoal, and joins Premier League and Serie A clubs as partners promoting Mondogoal’s club-branded version to its fans around the world.

SportBusiness Mondogoal
The Daily Play

Fantasy sports operators such as football platform Mondogoal are looking to create a culture of daily fantasy sport in Europe. Matt Cutler reports.

Yahoo - Eurosport - Mondogoal
Mondogoal joins the Yahoo Fantasy blog!

We are teaming up with our friends over at Mondogoal, to give you expert Fantasy advice every week for both Premier League & Champions League for their daily fantasy game.

FC Barcelona Logo Mondogoal
Mondogoal Adds Fantasy Sports Partnership with FC Barcelona to its Roster

The world’s most digitally advanced elite sports club launches pay fantasy games with one of the world’s fastest-growing fantasy platform developers.

Mondogoal Creates Fantasy Sports Engagement Partnership With Chelsea FC

One of The World’s Elite Sports Brands Launches Pay Fantasy Games With One Of The World’s Fastest-Growing Fantasy Platform Developers.

Manchester City and Mondogoal launch new daily fantasy football game

Manchester City have teamed up with Mondogoal to offer you the chance to select a team of your favourite players from your favourite leagues every single matchday throughout the World Cup and upcoming domestic season.

MondoGoal Review: Cash and Glory in One Fantasy Football Day

The official fantasy partners of Manchester City, Liverpool, Roma and West Ham; MondoGoal are looking to reinvent the way you play fantasy football on a daily basis.

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Mondogoal Arrives at Fantasy Football Scout

Fantasy Football Scout are delighted to announce that we’re teaming up with Mondogoal, a new daily and weekly Fantasy Football game, for the 2014/15 season. [Strategy Guide]

Mondogoal Launches Best-of-Breed Fantasy Soccer Game

And then there’s the drama. With Mondogoal, there’s no “I’ll always have next week” excuses. You get the excitement of any entire fantasy league experience crammed right into 90 minutes of action. You’ll see the game in a new way, be cheering every tackle your defender makes and praising your forward for ‘giving the keeper an early test’, just because he netted you two points. Whether it’s a head to head against a friend, a single stranger or a group of players online, you’ll always have a way to make any matchday interesting and relevant.

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Mondogoal Announces New Mobile Version in Time for Start of English Premier League

Mondogoal, the only pure-play daily fantasy soccer site online, today announced their new mobile version is ready for full game play. The mobile version works on iPhone, android and tablets.

Mondogoal, mi gioco i mondiali in tempo reale

Crea la tua formazione, attendi il calcio d’inizio e segui la sfida in tempo reale su Mondogoal. Non è l’unico gioco di Fantasy soccer online, ma è il primo che consente di seguire gli aggiornamenti delle statistiche dei singoli giocatori in diretta. Ed è anche il primo che si basa su scelte e partite giornaliere. Lo abbiamo provato in occasione dei quarti di finale del Mondiale ed è divertente anche per chi – come chi sta scrivendo – non è un fedelissimo del pallone.


(Spanish) Cover story on Mondogoal discussing the rise of fantasy sports

Mondogoal Launches World’s First Global Daily Fantasy Sports Platform

Today, the world’s first global daily fantasy sports platform for soccer, Mondogoal, is open for the public to start enrolling teams, just in time for the start of the World Cup.